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The team at Brooke Bird recognise that seeking out help when facing financial challenges can be difficult. However, with the right advice and support, the stress, worry and sleepless nights that come with these challenges can all be resolved.

Liquidation involves bringing a business to an end by distributing it’s assets to claimants. Brooke Bird specialise in liquidations initiated by directors who need help, shareholders to unlock retained capital or the Courts to conclude disputes.

Business Rescue & Health DiagnosticBusiness Rescue & Health Diagnostic
Business Rescue & Health Diagnostic

To assist our clients in their time of need, Brooke Bird draws on its insolvency and turnaround management experience to work with directors and their advisers to identify the key triggers of stress and the operations core to their business. We strive to safeguard, generate and enhance value.


Bankruptcy is the process in which individuals or sole traders who cannot repay their creditors can be relieved of debts. The Brooke Bird team are able to assist with advice surrounding bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process.

Voluntary Administration/Deeds of Company ArrangementVoluntary Administration/Deeds of Company Arrangement
Voluntary Administration/Deeds of Company Arrangement

Voluntary Administration is the process in which directors of a company facing financial difficulty appoint a voluntary administrator to take charge. We specialise in making the process of understanding and implementing a voluntary administration as easy and stress-free as possible.

Small Business Restructure (SBR)Small Business Restructure (SBR)
Small Business Restructure (SBR)

Saving a small business through the Small Business Restructure process with a tailored proposal can avoid liquidation and allow the director to retain control while trading on their own business. This process is designed for SMEs who have fallen on hard times but have an underlying successful business that needs a fresh start. The process is similar to a Voluntary Administration into a Deed of Company Arrangement but far less complex.

Personal Insolvency/Debt AgreementsPersonal Insolvency/Debt Agreements
Personal Insolvency/Debt Agreements

Brooke Bird has significant experience when it comes to advising people who have personal financial difficulties. There are a number of insolvency options available to people with financial problems and we work closely with them to ensure that the right option is selected.

Receivership & ControllershipsReceivership & Controllerships
Receivership & Controllerships

The appointment of a receiver or controller occurs when a secured party wishes to recover its exposure to the company through a formal insolvency appointment.

Litigation & Expert Witness SupportLitigation & Expert Witness Support
Litigation & Expert Witness Support

Brooke Bird are available to assist parties involved in litigation and identify the true value of the claim and to help facilitate a commercial outcome. This work may be undertaken prior to the commencement of any litigation or once it has begun.

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